A virtual expression of embodiment

Welcome to the farm, the center of the mandala, and the process of Coming Home. This is a virtual expression of the essence of the art of emergence and embodiment. My vision is to make regular offerings here that will inspire your own journey into a more intimate and blissful relationship with yourself, others, and Nature. This is a place for the wisdom of immanence.

I am a longtime yogi, meditator, mother and mystic; a writer, a coach, and a teacher of feminine wisdom principles.

What you’ll find here:

  • Meditations - guided embodied meditations to help us refine our subtle awareness, generate bliss, and integrate and heal ourselves

  • Writings - essays, insights, musings and poetry

  • Mandalas - life art, Nature as teacher, alchemical art, and healing portals

  • Farm Life - stories and short videos from my daily adventures engaging reality dependent challenges here on the farm where I live

I feel excited about the possibilities here with this Substack. I have a lot to share and I’ve longed for a regular way to share it. So much of my writings and musings are unpublished—they’ve existed in an echo chamber for too long. I want to see what happens when I open the channel and allow the light to flow in and out again. I hope this space will feel alive, organic, and emergent. I want readers and subscribers to feel refreshed and invigorated by what they find here.

A regular rhythm

I’m not yet sure how frequently I will post. I hope to settle into a steady rhythm. I’ll be offering regular free content and also paid courses/classes where we can dive deeper into subjects. This might be meditation and embodiment “retreats” and intensives. Or it might be informal dialogues, healing circles, embodiment classes. There’s a lot we can do.

Be a part of what’s emerging

I invite you to sign up for the free content and then engage with paid content as you feel called. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you, too. Come get your regular dose of farm life and embodied wisdom!


Schuyler Brown
I am a writer, artist, and facilitator. My work is dedicated to the emergence of feminine wisdom principles and embodiment as we heal, integrate, and create the new world.