We move into the throat to explore what speech says about how we're doing
S and KM settle in together, Sufi dance is a catalyst, a dark prophesy, "Are we going to do this, or not?"
We start on Sunday from 12-2pm EST. If you feel called, sign up now.
A recap of the insights David and I were granted in our recent Art of Embodied Conversation
Our meditation tomorrow will be a pause, a reflection, on the relationship between the above and below before we go to the upper chakras
Katherine's cows, musings on motherhood, The Movements, and a meeting with G
Join us tonight for this sacred conversation about technology
Join me tomorrow for the last of 3 meditations on and for the heart chakra
S and Paul in Brooklyn, S continues the work with H, an introduction is made

February 2023

Join me tomorrow morning for the second week of work with the heart chakra
Join David and me for the next installment in our ongoing series of deeply embodied conversations about the topics that matter most now.