Schuyler, god damn, it feels so good to receive your art. It's like all dripping in honey; such gooey richness. Phoebe's poetic expression, too, is so tasty.

The piece I would add to your emergence pre-reqs list is: a desire to feed the sacred & make life more beautiful.

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Ohhhhhh yeah. That’s essential. I really like FEED the sacred. Thank you for receiving so fully. 💗

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Schuyler… thank you. I really appreciated the wisdom in this post. Excellent.

It is all more subtle and felt forward in these times. Some of that sensing forward instead of “goal-setting” i am integrating now into my organizational thinking and support. This post is a keeper for me. Sorry I cannot make tomorrow as is too often the case. Thank you again. 🙏

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Hello Lyn, thanks for writing. I’m so happy to hear that it landed. Such good work to do this with organizations. They need it.

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Wednesday not tomorrow…

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Hi Schuyler. I love this piece on emergence. Your naming and articulation help me see more clearly the focus of my inner life and work. As I read it, I realized that most of my poems are about emergence. Here is one :)


It begins with movement

as if the water has finally come.

A flower is blooming

and here I am– a new fragrance

gentle petal offerings.

Over time my wonder awakens.

I find myself in the roots too

and the gritty soil

even the insects and the stirring at the edge of sight.

One day I ask

May I be water?

As impossible as it sounds

it is the only thing that makes sense.

At first I ask because the stream

seems to come from elsewhere

and I don’t know the way

but then I ask

because I must speak directly

know for myself

and the sparkling flows fuller,

lifting within me –

sweet water home.

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A full body YES to poetry in the comments. Poetry everywhere! Thank you, Phoebe, for sharing your gifts.

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