Thank you so much for sharing your insights from the meeting. Your report feels thoroughly true.

Here are two rituals that I engage in around developing a more healthy relationship with technology:

1) I turn the wifi off at bedtime.

2) I place a sheet over the television screen at bedtime.

(1) is a bit of a struggle to maintain in a household of internet addicts, though something in my soul relaxes every time I unplug the cord so I keep it up

(2) is a very simple change and is surprisingly effective. Have you noticed to tendency to keep looking at a screen even when it's off? A man I met during travels was describing to me the power of reflective black surfaces for scrying (like what you do with a crystal ball) and how insane it is that our landscape is basically filled up with these open spiritual portals. The change in the atmosphere of a room after throwing a sheet over the big television screen is instant, palpable, and positive.

I really appreciate your description of this problem of us being inured to the basic immorality of advertising. Perhaps I'm putting that a bit harshly. Still, I think we as culture underestimate the psychic pain of being surrounded by ads, of receiving a near-constant stream of this message: "I want to manipulate you into giving me money".

I shared this with David S. once: I was talking through Times Square and experienced the awe of being surrounded by enormous colorful screens stretching in every direction on skyscrapers. How would it feel if the spirit of those screens was one of good rather than of manipulation? What if they were all streaming healing frequencies coupled with Buddhist imagery? When look at society at just the right angle, it feels we are on the threshold of paradise.

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Beautiful awareness from exploration of this topic. I'm intrigued. Just reading points 1 and 2 I felt like taking a technology break. My work is greatly enhanced by having a computer, yet I know I need to take more frequent breaks. Thank you.

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I was sad to miss this unfolding. Thank you for the recap. I can feel the inner child of these technologists begging for love and attention.

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As someone who has always embraced technology in art, I think new emerging AI technologies are like any other; a great liberator that can unlock creativity, new expression and storytelling but also a future co-opted master down the road due to the worst tendencies of the attention economy and late stage capitalism at the heart of our current moment. It was the same with the birth of the radio, tv, the internet, social media etc... I try and lean into the good of it all for now and lean into the flow of the moment to hopefully create a better version of tomorrow.

Something I made with AI last week that reminded me of the child you described https://www.instagram.com/p/CpTY8CzvYnk/

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The same day you posted this recap Charles Eisenstein shared this post: https://open.substack.com/pub/charleseisenstein/p/the-robot-who-wanted-to-be-a-man?r=5821&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

Figured it would be welcome here to share.

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