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Time is flowing backwards and forwards as i try to catch up over this past day or two...

This morning's _Coming Home_ meditation was nourishing. Is dozing off another way of turning away? Maybe, but i think context is important.

I've been struggling to stay fully conscious as I've read (this is not meant as a critique; for years now i've "used" reading as a way to get to sleep -- it seems one of the rare ways i'm able to truly relax, wind down and stop "doing"). So now i think (after getting through the rest of Chapter 12 (which I started before attending your meditation session this morning), and now 13 and 14), I'll pause, and wait to continue on further. As your writing has entered and then departed from dreams the characters had/have, my own dalliances at the edges of consciousness while reading has created a multi-dimensional tableau of interwoven "states" in and around the border between sleep and wakefulness, between reality and fantasy. What is and what might be...

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I thinks this might be perhaps my favorite chapter so far. There is so much going on. I love the synchronicities, with the email, the masseuse. The home baby delivery which I can vouch for as it's easier to ask for that in the Netherlands where I live.

The embrace of the cthonic powers through the snake of the devine feminine that makes me think of Hecate, the most respected and powerful goddess (Titane) in all Pantheon.

The alchemy to turn the frustrated erotic energy into Gold through the metaphor of the Body as a temple.

So obvious ofc in hindsight... So scary to step in the unknown when we're in the midst of it.

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