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Thank you. It's wonderful Schuyler. Sensing it as a dilating space and growing knowing.

What strikes me, holds me and causes a sense of light estrangement is how you leave impressions in me as I read your words. As narrator of your awakening, encounters across time - space and opening new aspects of yourself in the story by sharing the gifts of being all as; woman, priestess, mother, child, earth, lover and loved presence. In German the word for the impressions that your embodied speaking leave on my nervous system and help me attune in opening, that synchronise and resonate in me as live updates of my awareness to my life is the word_Abbilden. There are moments in this chapter when the description of the woman- guide, priestess and child of the sun feel in abstract relationship to ALL and also in care of Katherine. Sometimes it feels very whole and resonates. I wondered why I could not feel your love for yourself in Katherine's dream, in the earth chamber as you passed wisdom and acceptance back through time to Katherine there in the earth chamber.

I check, is my filter; a damaged man, thinking and feeling disconnected to woman and also being wildly connected to far more than I can digest and metabolise but now aware enough to extend my subtle sensing beyond my bodily presence. At first "the woman"s voice and wording felt stiff and not fully accepting of herself in the priestess role. I wondered if it was me, or some 60 years of referencing in a man's world of hermeneutic frames, sometimes called "writing conventions". I then projected it out, partial to you and thought that she does not share in words in a way or frequency the timeless roles of woman in a way my living intelligence can feel, yet. I don't know. But let's me come into a sensing space where I wonder as we unfold more and more of your, mine, our capacity to be in timeless and collective presence, whether the wish for embodied resonance is slowly less important. The dialogue between Katherine and with Mme. Ostrowska helped me to attend to some of the weaving of presence and timeless aliveness. I share this comment in appreciation for your bringing me and perhaps other readers into a space where such curiosity and sensing unfold together. So thank you for your gifts and sharing them on this journey. Kei

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