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Sorry if this feels too rationalizing and geeky:

I think you will appreciate this soundbite that came on my feed.


(BTW I met Chloe in person in Bellingham WA for a Return to the Source , Evolve move play retreat, she is awesome!)

And yes I agree, when we ruminate so much and it does not bring to anything conclusive we have to move! Move! MOVE! The craziest and weirder the better.

In a nutshell, the masculine values of protection and patriarchy may have originated out of necessity to fight the abusive systemic debt systems occurring during the bronze age or so. If farmers could not pay the debts from invasions of neighboring cities, they had to pay by giving away their wives and daughters to the occupants.

I feels true, as this stops depicting men as evil, but a reality that seems more likely, which mean, a good intention being corrupted and abused over time.

I also note how the narrative of manipulation from the "victim" point of view is recurrent because at (least in my case) it's so refreshing to feel chosen by an authority without us having to do anything. It's so flattering and at the same time overwhelming. The story that the authority is somehow tamed by our innocence, grace, yin energy, whatever... It's toxic, addictive and ... as said flattering.

Once I heard why people may be sometimes attracted to people in uniforms. One of the reasons might be that we project them being so busy with responsibilities and doing important stuff.... and look at that, here we are fantasizing them in bed with us... We are suddenly more important that anything else that they normally need to attend to. And then they can go on about their life, and we can feel good that we have indirectly helped the world being a better place...

Anyhow, I look forward to read the whole thing next week.

Thank you Schuyler!

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