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Wow; “chicken skin” all the way...profound, powerful and a joy to read. Thank you, Love💝

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This chapter and ending was so healing and evocative, Schuyler. Thank you for bringing it to life ❤️🙏

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It has taken me this long to get here, Schuyler. This final chapter is quite something to take in, marking a profound degree of individuation (one I believe you've taken yet a further leap into recently).

My favorite scene in the whole novel, which swept me along with a quickening pace, was the visit to the cemetery. Your intuitive navigation through the city, Katherine's sudden visitation and your instant recognition of it, your willing lending of your body for her, one pair of eyes becoming a window upon a grave for two souls—one living, another dead.

Something about the leap you took to Paris, your trusting it's meaning enough to do it, is very moving. Beyond that, the graveyard scene raises a profound question: what is this kind of consciousness that can trustingly surrender a body in full sovereignty, without loss of wakeful presence in trance or loss of control through possession, all the while watching, maintaining the capacity to discern the invisible, pneumatic distinctions between what is "I," and what "other," in the private arena of thoughts, memories, impulses, desires, reactions, etc?

Perhaps I'm being too literal-minded here, but I like the ambiguity of it all. Something feels significant here.

Well done seeing this unfinished business through to end...

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Beautiful! I'm so happy to see this come to completion, happy for you I mean. I'll miss these little missives. Know that I'll be rooting for you on the journey of publication...

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