Hello friend. I’m enjoying reading, and particularly this chapter since it’s set in a) Fontainebleau and b) the twenties, both of which I love. I want to offer thoughts but I find myself feeling that “I don’t know what I’m reading” - by which I mean, if I were to pick up this book in a bookstore, I would have read the back cover, which would have oriented me in a particular way to what I would be reading were I to purchase it. I wonder if you might offer us a “back cover” précis, something that frames what the book is about and the themes etc. You know what I mean, we’ve all read a thousand of them... “this is the story of two women... x years and x miles apart... their lives blah di blah...” with that sort of cliffhanger that hints at what is going to happen as we progress towards the book’s conclusion. I’m deeply intrigued by the hybrid of memoir and semi-fictional channeled biography. I hope my request makes sense. Another way of putting it might be, I want to know what scent I’m tracking.

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I enjoy the different writing style you use here, as it does help me to be taken back in time and feel as if K was journaling and making this more intimate.

I note how G is charismatic but seems less creepy as H. Of course, I don't know how this will unfold , but I feel more warmth and magic from G and more psychopathy from H. Yet both affirm their higher status by ignoring the hand shake... So not cool... Who do they think they are??? :-)

Not sure what do I hate the most, that or man that twist your hand while shaking it to appear superior... Brbrrrbrbrrrr

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Best bit for me:

"It’s something physical I long for—like wrestling with the angel. I want to be tumbled, tousled. Playfully, of course. I want to prove to them and to myself that this body still has life in it. I can still take a few knocks. Oh, to run! To be tired at he end of the day, rosy-cheeked from physical exertion. My stamina is invisible to everyone but me."

This is an ode to rough and tumble play and what is to transcend one's limits in a fun way and respectfully while being in a flow state and being fully alive, connecting with the other in different way than dance, intimacy or through fight.

This Katherine truly gets it!

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Hi Schuyler. I'm being cautious with my finances and what things I subscribe to at the moment. But just want to say I've so enjoyed the story so far, both just in and of itself, and also learning some more about you. Thankyou for sharing :)

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