Now I start to appreciate what makes H fun to be with. I like the down to earth approach he has to keep the ego in check and not dwell on his and your little victories. That makes him appear even more expert on this field and allows you to focus on the work for the real good stuff.

I guess so far so good.

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I'm behind everyone else and thought what good would my comments be now. Then I realize probably and we hope so people will join this mission and will start at the beginning as I did.

So. NYC 2023 - H calling out of nowhere was a great turn for the story. I loved it. I loved Ari's comment "Whatever it is (than H wants) is good content." Then when we find out the H didn't call because he heard Schuyler was writing their story but he was just calling and then gets upset to hear Schuyler is telling it I thought who the hell is H anyway? I have no idea. Is H his name?

When we go back to 2009 I wondered if what Schuyler wrote about H's call is part of the "book" or not. I think it should be. Having writing the story create "story" made me wonder if that was part of what Katherine was talking about in Chapter 3.

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Hi Schuyler, these are such a pleasure to read.

I'm drawn to this line: "And once, when it occurred to me that I had no way of knowing if H existed for anyone other than me"

I recall that in your first post, you expressed a similar sentiment. Here in the midst of the story, it makes sense, but I admit it was a little jarring to read it when you were writing as the Schuyler of the present day.

I have two questions:

1) What would it mean to "exist just for you?"

2) Do you still suspect that he is a figment of your imagination?

I ask these questions as someone fully sympathetic to the worldview of a mystic, as someone who wants to swim in the strange waters without drowning. (2) can be tested by talking to other people who knew H., but (1) is harder to test without clarifying what it means.

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They are only strong because we're on own knees. Said Etienne de la Boetie, when he was 16 years old.

And this passage where H hangs up and you say :

" I felt I’d retrieved the power I’d projected onto him all those years ago, and reclaimed the values I had compromised. I felt an old chapter of my life come to a close. But, I also felt a new freedom to express myself open...a new chapter beginning. "

That's exactly what it feels when you see the man is just a man and you are immune to his charisma. You are a woman in your prime and his manipulations have no hold now.

I wonder if that's what make older men go for younger women...

Once you mature a bit it can be one as easy as that.

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