Dear Schuyler,

I have just discovered your Substack and read the first 4 chapters of your book Tenacious Magic, signed up, and loved the synchronicity of how very soon after I signed up for your Substack, you sent out Chapter 13 last night.

Anyway, i'm enjoying reading your story very much, appreciate the craft of your writing, and the content I find intriguing which you will understand if you check out my own Substack, The Rising of the Divine Feminine, which I am observing happening all over this planet right now.

Regarding the above that I just read, "What strikes me for both women is how they achieve some degree of power in “a man’s world” by being man-ish or playing the masculine game. Both sacrifice something of themselves to do this, though they also gain. They get a taste of the high, the power."

I also had this experience through working in publishing in corporate America for 20 years. It wasn't until several years after I'd quit that I gained insight that I was completely identified with my own Inner Patriarch (Dr. Sidra Stone writes about this extensively in The Shadow King.)

I'm also deeply interested in power and the best use of it - Thich Nhat Hahn's book The Art of Power is a beautiful investigation on this topic. He rightly asserts that the one right use of power is to alleviate suffering in ourselves, and then in others.

In any case it's great to connect with you through your writing! Thank you for doing the work that you are doing in the world, and I also have to say that I love how you are opening up your writing to community participation too. This is what I also need to learn, and you're showing me how. Thank you so much! ✨🌟💖🙏🕊️😘

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“She’s jealous of her innocence, inflated by her adoration, and wants to devour her whole. She thinks perhaps she can recover her own innocence or youth by taking her. So, the attraction is mutual, though neither is really seeing the other at all. And both will be disappointed in the end.” So good.

The Katherine parts feel so fluid/fluent to me while the first person accounts feel more… reserved? I can’t help but wonder what it might be like if you wrote those in 3rd person and maybe gave yourself the freedom of saying it was inspired by your own story but not beholden to it? Just a thought. But totally enjoying this journey with you.

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I loved the meta Dialog between Flora and Katherine is a beautiful nugget!

It's so healthy and sophisticated when people do that reframing to 3rd person perspective.

It helps to not take oneself too seriously and have more compassion. It's that wise teleological self talking back from the future right now. And the fact that ironically, they are part of this fiction is a great tong and cheek to us readers. It feels so sincere to receive that moment unwinding to me in almost "real time"

Thank you!

I also take with me the cool back and forth teasing, showing how socially smart they are like between both Virginia and Lawrence and K.

Speciale honorable mention for getting "to shine your inner cunt". I will share it here in my circles and quote you (your punk friend) for royalties.

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