This was your most powerful installment yet! Part of the magic is that we get to study at the feet of H and G alongside you and Katherine. The lessons around power and greatness are profound. Whether or not H ends up being some kind of disappointment as a teacher and a human, we as readers are better for the timeless wisdom that has passed from G to H to you.

This story become a page-turner and I find myself waiting eagerly for the next installment!

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Dear Schuyler,

I'm new to your story and commenting as I go, but I have to share my own personal preference for this memoir thread of your narrative: I like it when you write in first person.

For me, it provides an opportunity to identify with the narrator's experience. The continual writing of "she" feels artificial to me. In writing memoir I know the importance of keeping the boundaries between the "I" as the *author*, the *narrator*, and a *character*, and a bleed between these separate identities weakens the writing. Perhaps holding this awareness is key, but for me, the "she" adds distance. I do love the writing in present tense though - there is always an immediacy in the present tense that is enjoyable.

I offer my feedback, "on the table" meaning of course that you get to choose what you may want to pick up, or not.

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