Another wonderful installment! Although I missed hearing about your NY days in this one, it was nice to spend more time with K and Gurdjieff. Regarding your third question, I think there will be two reactions to him: One from those who have gone through the experience of studying under a powerful teacher (me) and those who are just beginning to be curious about any sort of guru dynamic. I find myself both curious and skeptical about him and his overabundance of confidence. Of course part of that is the advantage of time and the fact that he did not succeed at his task. Or did he?

Regarding Katherine, I do think some brief sketches about her past that help us understand her predisposition to this life would help. I am also realizing that I may not have read her sections as carefully as yours in prior posts so I may have missed something.

Regarding the teachings, I am curious to know more about them, to contrast them with the other spiritual teachings of that time period, as well as those from the Yog-Vedantic tradition. But, of course, I am in grad school for philosophy, cosmology and consciousness so that is to be expected. Having said that, my curiosity about the teachings is tempered by the knowing that they are inherently incomplete and imperfect. So it's a muted curiosity. I am sympathetic to the challenge you face in conveying them to a diverse audience, although your execution has been fantastic so far.

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1. About the Prieuré, it does give a Cult vibe. The piramudal structure, the lack of nuance or critical thinking about G.

Ofc, very elitist and it seems that only VIP and ultra rich can afford this. Somehow disconnected of reality while the rest of Europe is at war...

2. I have never heard of K before this novel. It can help to bring flashes, like in the previous chapter. For now, I am happy to be taken by your flow of things.

3. The of of G... Definitely full of himself and putting up a show. I would be there at that sort of evening and I would be having troubles containing my Trickster archetype. I have difficulties with people that take themselves too seriously and lack humility or willing to recognize how much there is still to learn and respect the Mystery.

Typical, was using his magic to go into someone and open up their energy centres without much consent, just an order...no matter how positive the experience may be. I remember even H earlier in a chapter said that wasn't cool to go into other people's body without consent. That's clearly a show of how unethical that cult leader can be.

But even when he jokes, going meta by asking if anyone knows a joke after the spooky piece he played, feels like check on people's attention in an ironic way.

So far it seems that this proto fascist atmosphere is meant to seduce, since it also provides protection, belonging, hope and mystery...

At least G allows questions from the audience, but I doubt it's the right framework for much push back. He still has all the charismatic power to answer in anyway he likes.

Anyway, I have my little cheat sheet from Jamie Wheal on unethical cult check list, so this helps me now to feel one tiny step safer...


Thank you again Schuyler, this two last chapters were real fun to read and feel now how much research and study of K world you have absorbed and tried to transmit here.

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