Enter Kathrine, and then... Enter Katherine.

It’s funny, Schuyler. I, almost feeling like a caricature of myself at this point, can’t avoid recalling the quote from the essay on Gebser I shared during the first salon you had hosted (which was a throughly irradiating container). The reason is because the passage continues precisely where I had left off, this time quoting Gebser directly, speaking of grapes and wine as a metaphor for participation in the realm of the dead:

“If the grape harvest was in Autumn, then the grapevines begin to bloom six months later. They have a very short flourishing period, but an uncommonly fine and delicate scent. At the same time, the wine in the cellar begins to ferment and it will only settle again in the barrels and bottles when the flourishing [of the vines] has died away.

The fact that something changes its state or its form from what it once was does not mean that it has disappeared from the world; it is perhaps, as one says, dead; but you see yourself how little this actually means. For everything that hasn’t been born yet or that hasn’t happened yet―thus everything that one in an almost despairing way calls the future―must also be dead.”

Clearly, you have everything you need to illuminate the darkened contents long relegated to the cellar, guiding the fecund contents found there to their fruition 🍇🍷

As you return to your own memories with fresh eyes, seeing now what you hadn’t seen then—could you be helping Katherine to do the same? But, from her position, perhaps she now revisits her past, in some strange sense, also as memories from the future, offered by her friend and companion, much as you tearfully remembered the apartment that, up until then, had been waiting for you.

How might your personal epiphanies inform how Katherine sees her history afresh with the aid of your future eyes?

Alchemical wine, eternally ripening upon long-dead vines of tomorrow?

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There are too many synchronicities to name in this post, but all I can say is that we are here with you, sister. The call is being sounded, wounds are being healed, and the sacred waters of blood and body are beginning to flow again

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This is truly fascinating.

I can FEEL the tension between the truth on this awakening path and the approximations and shortcuts due to H being a Man and comfortable with a Yang Zen method that is good against some sort of self deception.

It's both beautiful and scary because it does bare it's fruits and the work you have produced with the practices are paying off. Also the fact that he can reach out in the evening to follow up and check in in a softer way shows also how he cares... But still in a harsh way.

What an amazing master he would be if he was simply a bit more compassionate and willing to doubt on his method from time to time. Instead he seems to be doing this One size fits all. And I imagine even that might haunt him about. (Here is another student guinea pig, I am gonna give them some reps, I am gonna tell them to suck it all up. If they fall short it's their fault. If they succeed, I am confirmed in my ways... But end up bored). In all cases his Ego gets to blow even larger.

I also totally see how in hindsight, this harsh contrast is ofc a curse and a blessing. And there are not that many good mentors out there, so it's not like you really had a choice.

Aaaah... people and their certainties... Nietzsche said that this was precisely what drove people crazy!

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Mar 8, 2023Liked by Schuyler Brown

Dear Schuyler,

I just want to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying each chapter and while I didn't have time to read this latest until this morning, when I saw the email that it had arrived on Saturday morning I felt happy and eager to get to it when I had some time to enjoy it. Thank you for the weekly treat.

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