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There's a song that sings, "I honor you, I empower you to be who you are." For me, what you have been sharing so openly with us since January richly resounds with this sentiment. It's as if you are spreading widely the weave of many colors in the tapestry of the sacred, mystical and everywhere present relationship between the Feminine and the Masculine, and this on behalf of all of your readers, and of course, of yourSelf as you write and reflect, that we may all be empowered to see more clearly through this deeply abandoned and murky realm, which is calling to be healed, balanced and welcomed into wholeness once again. Thank you for the compassionate and thoughtful care you are putting into this work . . . and it IS work. May a Blessing Light shine upon the way forward . . . (((*)))

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Deeply appreciating this, Schuyler.

The vulnerability, the retrieving of hard won shadow motives and desires, giving away bits of gold. Alchemy isn’t for slouches. “Would you know the perfect Master? It is one who understands the regulations of the fire, and its degrees.”

As the Eros gets turned up, it’s so easy to get burned.

I’m still integrating, healing, and trying to salvage some good learning from alchemy gone awry in a masculine/feminine dynamic that had been irradiated with a lot of Shakti. Similarly, shadows around trauma and sexuality that couldn’t be seen with clarity and held relationally with skill shattered the vessel.

Your work may help me ask the right questions. See the unseen, feel the unfelt.

Thank you 🙏🏻



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Yes, it is a collective urging that calls us to humbly and authentically address this piece that weaves through every aspect of our polarized earthly existence...even at the atomic level we find charged particles (lol) and yet our human experience so easily and unconsciously gets identified with the either-or scenarios that ripple endlessly around us as we try to navigate through the liminal between space that holds both in balance and harmony, healed and whole...quite the dance :)

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I am deeply relating to what you’re writing about Anger here, Schuyler. And it’s come at such an interesting time in my own journey. I am at the precipice of being able to engage with mine, I believe, of everything that’s been contained my whole life. It is very daunting to engage with. Thankyou for sharing.

And, everything else, I feel only love and appreciation for what you share and how you share it. Your honesty is like refreshing water. We are not judging young S. Not at all. X

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I'm barely half-way through reading this wonderful piece (and i'm *way* behind again on keeping up with _Tenacious Magic_ itself, having not read recent chapters for quite a while), but I feel like i *need* to already respond on two fronts.

Regarding what you relate about your fear, Schuyler, the quote which immediately came to mind was one i heard in a wonderful commencement address a month ago, by Dr. Eric Huang:

"Everything you desire lies on the other side of fear."

And the 2nd thing i want to add (before i head back up to try to finish reading the rest of what you wrote) is just deep gratitude for this paragraph:

"The masculine is often blamed because the power tends to lie there, while the feminine is seen as the victim. The feminine shadow includes wanting to cozy up to the power-holder or being attracted to worldly power; wanting to surrender the will in order to be free from from karmic responsibility (not possible); being afraid to wield our own enormous power and projecting it onto the male other; the desire to be desired (which is one form of currency the patriarchy grants us)…this hasn’t been as widely discussed or explored. And then there is the shadow of righteousness that seeks to destroy when the perceived (or real) trespass has happened."

All of a sudden, so much is becoming clear for me. Involving my own overly close relationship with my mother, which began very very early in my life (and was tainted by her then active alcoholism, though it may be that the dysfunction which existed was somewhat orthogonal to her drinking and/or addictive tendencies on her/my part). What i believe happened through that connection is that, i managed to "take on" so much of the feminine. And as i read your perspective here, it all rings so true, about my "need" for praise, constantly seeking someone to "follow", wanting to off-load my own responsibility on a person more powerful, etc...

So thank you. Back to reading now.

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