Great idea! I will record.

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Oct 20, 2023Liked by Schuyler Brown

Hi Schuyler,

This sounds so wonderful and I got excited when I saw it was in your evening which is my morning - until I realised that’s the day my partner and I are heading out to a long weekend getaway trip for his birthday.

Do you think there's a chance you'll record the talk and we can listen at a later date?

If not, my partner did say he's happy to leave later, but let me know :)

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Schuyler, your discussion reminds me of Ken Wilber's simple but rather profound formulation: not only is there "waking up" (enlightenment, etc.), but there is "cleaning up" (shadow work), and "growing up" (maturing into responsible, caring, loving humans). One of the other Integral thinkers (I forget who) added "showing up" (engaging in your life for yourself and others). We see too little of all of these "ups" in the world of humans; but it's deeply important hard work for each of us in our own contexts. Thank you for being a guiding star in this work.

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What I intuitively sense reading your passionate words is this: You are not at the highest level yet. The highest level is beyond gender, beyond power and beyond energies. As long you are aware of that and accept that, all is good. The highest teaching is Adveita Vendanta, it's most lucid teaching comes from Nisargadatta Maharaj. If you start teaching in your current state you will create harm and suffering to some, and help others. As long you think in terms of power you haven't trancended it. This means you will use it wisely at times and abuse it unconsciously at other times, despite your good intentions. "Spiritual wild west" is a recipe for disaster. There is a reason why the traditional spiritual "elites" waited at least 20 years after fully awakening before they even considered teaching. That's how powerful and cunning the spiritual ego is. It needs a minimum of 20 years of silence to die. Further, traditionally, most spiritual gurus are invited to teach by their masters. Trust me, you waste your time teaching already. First use your time to understand all. Good luck.

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