Mar 14, 2023Liked by Schuyler Brown

What I’ve experienced and shared from being a dancer, instructor and coach, (and through all of my spiritual sadhana at the same time) is that every direction of the eyes, what they see and take in, and do not see, the quality of focus, and how literal or transcendent it is - along with every position of the body, tip of the head, nuance through the fingers and fingertips and into the etheric body and beyond will change a sense of self, an experience, a perception - and in that, the way one is met in that experience and perceived. I saw the movie that you linked the trailer for when it came out and loved it (and saw her lecture and her company a few times in performance) but don’t remember Pina Bausch saying what she did about the eyes. It totally corroborates my experience and what opens up in dancers when I’m Inviting them to look out and take in with their eyes in relation to looking down and soley inside or within. I think that the implications of all of this with regard to opening to and through the intelligence of the body, embodied living and “conversations“ are profound.

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