"Hi, I'm Sky I am a vessel to the Mystery! And you?"


"Hi, I'm Schuyler, I am Mystery Doula! But you can call me Sky. Oh, hang on!

I sense some awkwardness in the inter-magical space between us, let me give you a hug... There you go! (Sighs...) Much Better, Right!?

And you are???

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Thank you for speaking the truth of what you do. Your reluctance to boldly declare your value is sometimes apparent so, hearing this from you is quite beautiful and (I think) neccesary. I found this writing inspiring and very interesting.

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So can see this about you. Perhaps you can include a way to get in-touch with you in a more private way. Or offer a see if “we fit” short chat if that’s sounds worth the opening that might take if you.

Your gifts are so needed in this 🌎

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Lovely, Schuyler! Celebrating who you be, and what you offer...

About the "times we are in"... much inspiration recently from Jonathan Rowson's most recent article on why "metacrisis" instead of "polycrisis": "Meta says there a crisis that is not just ‘out there’ in the world, but ‘in here’ in your heart and mind, and ‘between us and reality’ in the way we relate, notice, imagine, understand, listen and speak. We are participants in crisis, not just spectators. We need to find the agency within and between us, and use it well."

May we each find the joy of doing, exactly what we are here to do!

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