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Oof, i just caught up after a 2 month hiatus as I feel I need to be alone and quiet to dig into this and that opportunity felt lacking for the past couple months.

First of all I love reading the story. It is a super fun trip and there is so much I enjoy about it. Your relationship to the beyond is intoxicating.

I feel confronted by the patriarchal relationships and the power dynamics between S and H and Katherine and Gurdjieff. Because of their male nature (but is it only that?) it feels impossible to know if they are predatory charlatans or powerful sorcerers or both! But either way something leaves me distrustful of them.

And I feel both attracted to the peak experiences and also distrustful of them as well! Personally it feels like they would turn me into a peak bagger always searching for higher highs and dissatisfied with the mundane realities of life that I think currently bring me deep satisfaction (but also boredom at times).

Which i guess is all to say it is a great story as it brings up so much and truly takes me into other worlds. And feels full of hope and possibility with danger lurking. It’s a page turner.

Keep going!

And I agree with Kate here about really enjoying the 3 female leads. Present day Schuyler, S, and Katherine. It is really fun to feel them all entwined. I can only imagine how vulnerable this telling must make you feel and to have that voice speaking and sharing her present moment is rich and super brave.

Looking forward to the next chapter! xo Kathy

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It’s strange I ask myself this time as I read how different would I receive this story, feel the same if I didn’t know your backstory? As I read, I feel I am you as you mention those universal stories coming alive...feelings of sadness, interest, insecurity, connecting with me as I read along. But I did have to ask myself would I have felt the same if I didn’t know the backstory, haven’t read your preparation‘s and narratives for each chapter? I feel my answer is no. Hope that’s helpful. Thank you for being so vulnerable in your sharing today.

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